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Art and Law between Entertaining and Offending the Audience

download printer friendly version Aldo Milohnić   Equality before the law is one of the basic elements of the state governed by the rule of law. Following this principle, we all have an inalienable right to equal and non-discriminatory legal protection, including the basic rights and freedoms, which are guaranteed by the constitution. However, regardless [...]

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Fragmentary working diary in form of an informal glossary

download printer friendly version Group Terms, DSC, spring 2010 Mailing list A mailing list was mostly used for arranging and coordination of deadlines and working obligations. This is not necessarily a problem, but in the context of a regional collaboration, where one group works in two cities, a mailing list can be a useful tool [...]

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download printer friendly version ARTIST STATEMENT, I Wei Li Contexterin is a neologism first announced over a friendly beer talk in Berlin in the summer 2009 by several cultural workers (artists, curators, cultural managers) while discussing the various job titles they use when they have to describe their work. Since the job titles in the [...]

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How my Life Turned into a Festival

download printer friendly version Rok Vevar Notes for lecture performance DISKURS 04 – HOPE »A Fistful of Empty Hands« at the DISKURS. Picturebook for children. Brotherhood and Unity! Making friends – students from Giessen, David Lakein, Andros Zinsbrowne, Mare Bulc from Ljubljana, Facebook friends with some of them IT ALL STARTED YEARS BEFORE DISKURS 04 [...]

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A diary of the group Terms – the Skopje “faction”

download printer friendly version Forming the group Terms One of the groups that were “created” during the Ohrid Summer School was the group named Terms. The idea was to work out and develop – but also connect – the certain terms and phrases that are being used in contemporary art and society into a web [...]

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Diary of Self-Organization

download printer friendly version Milena Bogavac Work of the Belgrade fraction of the group Terms (informally known as the ‘crossword puzzle group’) began when Bojan Djordjev, after the summer school in Ohrid, e-mailed us a list containing more that seven hundred different terms, associated with contemporary art and contemporary society in general. Bojan, with his [...]

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Contextual art in the countries of Eastern Europe: Approaches, diagnoses and treatments of the problems

download printer friendly version Working group Terms within the project Deschooling Classroom: (o^o): (in alphabetical order): Milena Bogavac, Dragana Bulut, Bojan Ðorđev, Anđela Ćirović, Siniša Ilić, Milan Marković, Katarina Popović, Ljiljana Tasić In this text we address the phenomenon of contextual art in the countries of Eastern Europe today and its possible predecessors in the [...]

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Soros Realism

download printer friendly version This controversial term refers to a phenomenon in art of the post-socialist Eastern Europe in the 1990s. The term was initially conceived by Miško Šuvaković, art theorist from Belgrade, and defined it his essay “The Ideology of Exhibition: on the ideologies of Manifesta” in 2002. Soros realism does not imply the [...]

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Artistic Immunity

download printer friendly version Slovenian art theorist Aldo Milohnić addressed the notion of artistic immunity in the chapter of the same title in his book Teorije sodobnega gledališča in performansa (Theories of Contemporary Theatre and Performance)[1], in the block “Strateški dispozitivi: umetnost in vladavina prava“ (Strategic dispositives: art and the rule of law), examining on [...]

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download printer friendly version Bojana Kunst I. Philosophy The future is not related to the past as an actualisation of its becoming, but finds itself in a rupture between something which has not happened and something which has yet to happen. This is a temporal rupture which is intrinsic to the mode of potentiality, to [...]

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