Open Print House


Publication in Process is hardcopy version of a web site designated as an open online registry of terms and notions from the field of contemporary arts. This website is the result of 10 month process of self-education of our working group within Deschooling Classroom Project (o^o). Everyone interested can print their own copy of this publication from the and re-organise it according to their own needs – re-edit it, shorten it or supplement it in a DIY manner, that in this case draws the sign of equal between the traditionally separate roles: user/reader= editor= publisher= author= printer. The print-run of this publication is indeterminate and unknown. It can be printed in an infinite number of copies, and every self-published copy can differ from the other. Through abolished pagination, there is no right order for reading this publication. The texts can be printed on their own or in combination with other texts, and they can also be read as single texts or in combination with other texts in any order. Therefore each text and the notion featured in it are separate units that can be placed within the issue arbitrarily. For easier assembly, within each text the numeration of its folio is kept. The layout is adapted to the printing on regular home or office printers on regular A4 paper. For easier printing and binding all the standard printers’ marks are kept. The easiest way to bind the publication is by perforating on the marked places and binding it in a A5 binder. Texts can also be bound with cord and covers of choice. All readers/editors/printers can design their own covers, and add other tects, empty pages for notes or illustrations of choice to the publication.

The first issues will be printed and bound by members of the group terms, within the Open Printing House event, where all the others can see the process of printing and binding and make their own copies of publication on the spot.